Live music at the wineries


Something that I didn’t mention before was that some wineries did an amazing job at letting people stay on their property. The first winery we visited was Sunstone. When we went up there, I was amazed by the beautiful entrance. You literally had to drive all the way up between the vineyards, which was gorgeous. Then you had to walk under a beautiful tree door and then you were welcomed by a band who was bringing live music. What I loved was that you would get your tasting and you’d be able to walk outside with your glass of wine in the hand, singing along with the band. They were performing songs that everyone knows. I remember that they were singing ”Somewhere over the rainbow…”. And when you hear a song like that you can’t just listen, you know what I mean?! At least I’m like that. I just want to sing out loud! 😉 Continue reading

Grab yourself a glass of wine


The cool thing about Los Olivos is that all the wineries are pretty close to each other. Most of the people who go there just hop from one winery to another. Every winery has something unique. One had super cool quotes hanging on the walls, another one had a photo booth and cupcakes and another one had a beautiful garden. There is a perfect winery for everyone! You just have to explore the area and find the one that you like the best! 😉 Continue reading

Wine tasting in Los Olivos


After my half marathon I had the time to explore the wine country and its wineries in the Santa Barbara area. Paul and Stacy took me to a couple of wineries where I did some wine tasting. I was never a very big fan of red wine (I might have been too young for it!), but I feel like now I start appreciating my glass of wine every now and then.  Continue reading

Trip to Toro

Zamora y Toro 058

Zamora y Toro 062

Zamora y Toro 051

Zamora y Toro 049

Zamora y Toro 031

Zamora y Toro 016

Zamora y Toro 014

On Saturday i went to Toro with some friends.

Toro seems to be like a small medieval town in Spain, that comes straight out of an old movie. I was really imagining myself in that movie that I had in my head. The only thing that was missing were the people who were riding on their horses. When I didn’t see them anywhere, I went back to reality ;-).

The city/town is known for its wine and its many churches, so we went sightseeing and after that we enjoyed a glass a red wine.