Sightseeing in Sevilla


Since I was done working and I had some days left in Spain, I decided to go for some quick visits in cities I still wanted to see! I went to Sevilla on Friday, Malaga on Saturday and Marbella on Sunday.

In this post I’ll show you some pictures of my quick trip to Sevilla! I’d heart a lot about this city already and I was really curious what made it so special. I loved it since the moment I arrived there. It’s a lot different from Salamanca. The main difference was the use of bikes! The streets are really wide and literally everyone is using a bike rather than a car.

I stayed at the Feeling Sevilla Hostel which I liked! It was not the same style of hostel as the ones I stayed in when I visited Portugal, but it had some huge benefits too! First of all it was on walking distance of the bus station and the second thing I liked was the bathroom. The showers were actually really private and they were like 2 square feet big, so they were really spacious too! The kitchen was also really nice. What I disliked though was that the lady who was at the reception didn’t have maps of the city left and she had no clue where the tourism office was, which I found a bit odd, cause it’s the one thing that all tourists want to know, no?! Continue reading