Workout essentials: My go-to gym bag and the coolest capris

Gym bag - Onzie-4

Today I want to talk about the Gaiam Metro Gym Bag that I’m  not only using as a gym bag, but also as a diaper bag, hand bag and everyday bag. I had been looking for a good gym bag for a while, but I always found something that I didn’t like about the bags that I had before. This one is literally everything I need. It has 2 inside pockets so you can organise everything in there. There is a key holder which I also use to put my gym lock on, it has an outside pocket on the 4 sides and you can close those with magnetic buttons which is great. There is plenty of space inside to store your water, towel, weight training journal, vitamins and wallet and it’s just the most comfortable bag. I like both wearing it over my shoulders and in my hands. The color is pretty neutral too and it’s a nice fit with almost all of the workout clothes I own.  Another great thing about this bag is that it has straps on the bottom for your yoga or fitness mat. Continue reading

Motivational Monday: Just go for it!


When I first start working out after not working out for a while I always feel so energetic and I promise myself to go to the gym like 5 days a week for an hour. Now that I’m a little older (I’m 22, not that old!) I get that I shouldn’t set goals for that and that I should listen to my body.

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Motivational Monday: racing on the treadmill


Have you ever had that feeling that you’re on the treadmill and you hear that the person next to you is running a little faster? When I hear that the game is on!

Everyone has his own way of getting motivated to go on, right? 😉

Have a nice day and thanks to all 300 of my followers to follow me! That means a lot to me!


Result weekly challenges

As I told you guys last week I wanted to complete a challenge a week and I can be clear about what my challenges were last week. I completed one and I failed one.

I wanted to run 15 km in total and I did great in that. I ran 17,2 km 😉

About the money I got it that it’s impossible to live by yourself a week with only € 15!

Talk to you tomorrow followers 😉


This week’s challenges: “15”

From now on, I want to change some things in my life. I think it’s time to take my life more serious. That’s why I’m going to try to be more responsable and I’m also going to try to take better care about myself.

Every week I will be posting 2 challenges on Monday. On Sunday I’ll post whether I reached my goals or not. These are the challenges of this week:

  • Run 15 km
  • Spend less than € 15,00