Marathon #2: Rock ‘n Roll San Diego


On Saturday, I started the day off with this fun event in Hermosa Beach, called FitFest. It’s basically a way for the city of Hermosa Beach to promote a healthy lifestyle. You get a team of 4 together and go by about 10 different booths/gyms to do a little 5-10 minute workout. We went from cross train routines, to yoga, to rope slams, to monkey bars to tire flips and it was awesome! My gym, Afterburn Fitness had a booth too, so naturally my team that consisted of Afterburnies loved that little workout!

Anyway, after this event in the morning I took a quick shower and headed out to San Diego where I would pick up my race packet. Continue reading

26 before I’m 26: Training Plan


Happy Friday everyone!

The kids are out of town, which means I have the day off, which was much needed. I worked out a lot this week and I’m super sore, which means today isn’t going to be the most active day, but it is however a perfect day to get organized.  Continue reading