The cutest dressed baby at the carnival in Rodrigo!

The cutest dressed baby at the carnival in Rodrigo!

I loved this little egg! I think it’s a superoriginal idea to dress your kid like that. I mean, who would ever think about that? 😉 I don’t even know what else to say! I just adore this little family!


Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo – The groups

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On Saturday I went to ‘el carnaval de Ciudad Rodrigo’. It was amazing! A lot of people were dressed up in a really original way, so for me it was an amazing opportunity to take lots of pictures.

In this post I’ll speak about the groups of people who were dressed in a theme. Later this week I’ll post about the coolest individuals I spotted and I also write a post about the kids who were dressed way too cute at the event!

I think it’s amazing how the people who were at the event were dressed. I really loved the group which consisted of dices and other casino accessories! The 2nd best dressed group for me were the price tags! They showed so much enthusiasm and be honnest, who of you would ever think about dressing as a pricetag during the period of sales? 😉
The donuts were also pretty cool, but I felt a bit sorry for them, because I’m sure that it was so hard to walk with the box around them. I do admire them though because they really stood there as a team.

The people in the third picture were really like a big family. I’m not sure I counted right, but I think they were a group of 21 persons. I saw them walking on the street, and they all seemed so happy. The kids were also incredibly proud walking around in their cute little suit.

I would give the price of the most funny duo to the 2 ‘abuelitas’ (= grandmothers). When my friends and me were looking for some food during the afternoon, we spotted them dancing and entertaining all the people around them! I freaking adored them!

I’ll stop this post here, even though I can keep on talking about the event for hours! If you want to know more about what I’ve seen, keep on checking my blog, cause as I said at the beginning of this post, I’ll write too more posts about this event!


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