Redondo Beach Lobster Festival


Last Friday I went to the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival and it was so fun! Think little lobster dishes – such as lobster mac and cheese, lobster tacos, lobster sliders… -, live music from local artists, great views, people dressed up as lobsters (oh yeah, that’s how the Americans roll (love it!)) and some beers. It was a great evening in company of the family I live with!

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Review: Kruidvat nail polish remover


It’s a while ago that I wrote a beauty post so I decided to enrich you guys with a review of this nail polish remover that I bought yesterday.

With this product you can literally remove your nail polish in 3 minutes! It costs less than 5 euros and you can purchase it at Kruidvat.

It’s more than worth its money!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Review: Jardim de Santos Hostel



Price/night: € 14,50

It was the first time I went to a hostel by myself and I have to say that this place was amazing!

The people who work there speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, which is so nice because like that they can communicate in every language!

The beds are super comfortable and the rooms are spacious. The building is also really nice and it’s a place where I’d like to live actually.

The second night the owners proposed to cook and we agreed to it. We paid € 8,50 for it and got amazing fish with a creamy sauce and some salad! After that we got a chocolate dessert.

I really recommend this hostel to everyone! If anyone has any more questions, please shoot!