Videodiary of my first months in California

I made this video because words and pictures can’t fully describe what I’m experiencing here in this beautiful area where I’m so lucky to be living right now.

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Redondo Beach Street View

RB Street View
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Sometimes you don’t need to visit the monuments in a city to get to know the city or to capture some nice moment in it. Sometimes you should just appreciate the beauty of the random streets you’re walking in. For me personally the beauty of a place is in its details. I like passing a street with nice flowers, a beautiful sunset, the typical view of the Californian palm trees… Continue reading

My first California sunset

First Cali Sunset

Exactly one month ago I arrived in California and I must say that time flies!

For the occasion the fam’ wanted to take me to the beach to watch the sunset, since I still hadn’t done that! It was so amazingly beautiful! We brought a little blanket and were sitting on the beach to watch it and it went so quickly! I guess it only took about 10 minutes for the sun to completely disappear! Continue reading

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival


Last Friday I went to the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival and it was so fun! Think little lobster dishes – such as lobster mac and cheese, lobster tacos, lobster sliders… -, live music from local artists, great views, people dressed up as lobsters (oh yeah, that’s how the Americans roll (love it!)) and some beers. It was a great evening in company of the family I live with!

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If I would be an animal I would probably be a bird, because birds mean freedom and freedom is what I need the most in my life!

I have wondered a lot about the question in this quote and that’s probably why I have traveled a lot in my young life already!

Until now I have lived in Belgium, Honduras and Spain and in 1 week I’m leaving to California!

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