Looking for pine cones on the trail

Trail (5 of 10)

Back in October when the leaves started coming off the trees and there were pine cones everywhere, I took Slaiden and his bear to the trail close to our house and let him run around free and enjoy the nature. I remember that back when I was little I loved playing with all the leaves and the other things I found on the ground outside. Of course I was a little older than him from what I remember, but knowing how active he is I knew it would be the perfect activity.  Continue reading

Flowers and pine cones


Something I love to do is to go for a walk with Slaiden, take my camera and snap some cool shots.  The day I took these pictures we went for a walk to the farmers market and on the way we stopped at the trail where Slaiden played with the pine cones he found on the ground. Continue reading