InstaFebruary 2

February flew by! It’s such a short month, you know?! It started off with the Super Bowl and ended with my birthday, which means it started and ended with pizza and cupcakes. It wasn’t the healthiest month for me, because after the Superbowl was done and we ate all the leftovers, I got injured on my ankle and then I got sick, which basically meant that I didn’t run too much this month and my body is not in the nicest shape! March is going to be different though, and I’ll share with you why in the post I’m going to write tomorrow, so stay tuned! 😉

1. Santa Barbara boardwalk
2. Sometimes we have rain in California (believe it or not!)
3. My favorite book
4. This little guy was following me at school

5. Célfie on my birthday
6. Feeling like Marissa Cooper in Manhattan Beach
7. Watching the Manhattan Beach sunset
8. Flowers and leopard look fabulous together

9. Heart pastry & Valentine’s Day crafts with the baby
10. Heart shaped pizza & flowers are my favorite
11. Slaiden likes chasing the birds

InstaFebruary 1

1. Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k
2. Super Bowl SeaHawks party
3. Hermosa Beach Pier scares the baby

4. Hermosa Beach looks like the desert
5. Reflections of the Hermosa Beach Pier fill the sand
6. View from the Santa Barbara Pier

7. Santa Barbara boats
8. El Camino College
9. Seeing the world upside down on the Hermosa Beach Pier


As usual, I look back on the past month in the beginning of the new month, by making a collage of my most liked pictures on Instagram. I find that December was a month with a variety of events. I spent half the month in California and half the month in Belgium, so I saw  lots of people this month!

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Popular Instagram Posts May – Part 1

IG mei 1

I decided to share my most popular Instagram pictures of the month with you. I’m going to try to do this every month, and for the month of May I will have to do it in two times, because I had more ‘popular’ pictures than I expected. My definition of a popular IG-picture is every picture with more than 10 likes. It may sound silly and totally not popular if you compare it with pictures of some of the bloggers I follow that have about 5000 likes, but still, everyone has to start somewhere, isn’t it?!

In this post I’m going to give you some more information about the 9 P-pictures that I selected.

1. The first picture is a picture of a dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) topped with some strawberries. I usually try to eat clean, but everyone needs a yolomeal now and then, so this was my sugary snack while working on my graduation project. Since I was still in Spain back in May, the weather was nice, and ice cream is always a good idea when it’s sunny! Continue reading