Motivational Monday: Time


Today’s quote is so true and I sometimes recognize myself in it. But indeed, what’s 30 minutes of training if it can make you feel happy for a lifetime?!

I’m almost off to my Pilates class which I love because its a 1 hour full body workout! It will be my last class for a while now so I’m going to enjoy it for sure!

Get out of your couch and go running for half an hour! I promise it will make you feel better! If its raining and you don’t like rain then look for Blogilates on YouTube and do three of her videos! 😉

Happy Monday!


Motivational Monday: Just go for it!


When I first start working out after not working out for a while I always feel so energetic and I promise myself to go to the gym like 5 days a week for an hour. Now that I’m a little older (I’m 22, not that old!) I get that I shouldn’t set goals for that and that I should listen to my body.

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