The combination of fit and overweight


Last month I went to a health session in Spain because they offered it to me for free and I am really interested in those things. During the session I was told that I had overweight. I was so shocked and sad, because I was doing the Blogilates program and I was eating clean and then they said that to me.

I’m not ashamed of talking about that because I’ve always been a big girl! I was really fat in high school but back then I didn’t care. Then I went to Honduras, which is a country where everyone looks much more to how people look. As I was adapting to the culture, I started hitting the gym over there and found myself training really hard in combination with eating not that much. There they always eat ‘frijoles’ (beans) and I wouldn’t put this on the top of the list of my favorite food. To make a long story short, I really started to take care of myself and lost about 10 kilos in that year (+ I felt great!). Continue reading

Fashion kids

I have been surfing a lot on the Internet lately, and there are appearing more and more ‘fashion kids’ on websites. In this post I added some of the pictures I saved on my computer because I think those kids look adorable! I really wonder what their parents look like and how they are dressed.

I especially love the hipster kid on the first picture! His glasses are bigger than his head, which makes him supercute! Gotta love his style!

I’m also in love with the outfit of the girl in the last picture. I would love to wear her outfit myself! It’s classy and it looks really comfortable 😀

Coolest kid cute1 cute2 Fashion kid red

What do you think about the fact that parents dress their kids like that?
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