Thoughts on National Parks & the ultimate feeling of freedom


Before I came down to the US, 10 months ago, I thought that National Parks were a combination of Disneyland and the zoo. I didn’t really know what they really were. I thought it was just one of those touristy things, that people want to see when they are in a certain area. Now that I’ve been to 3 of those parks (Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and Olympic National Park) I have a better idea of what a National Park is. Continue reading



If I would be an animal I would probably be a bird, because birds mean freedom and freedom is what I need the most in my life!

I have wondered a lot about the question in this quote and that’s probably why I have traveled a lot in my young life already!

Until now I have lived in Belgium, Honduras and Spain and in 1 week I’m leaving to California!

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