Travel typography


This semester I took a couple of art classes and among those was a Lettering and Typography class. For one of the last assignments we had to pick a quote and chose a word that described the quote and we had to present it in a typographic way, which basically means that we couldn’t use images to illustrate the word. Continue reading

DIY: Passport cover

DIY passport cover

I’m almost starting a new adventure. In less than 2 weeks I’m going to live in California for a while, but ill blog about that later.

For now I want to make sure that I have all my travel essentials ready! I’m done with my summer jobs so I have time to do what I love the most: CRAFTING! 😉

During the next 10 days I will be posting some travel DIYs so make sure you keep checking out my blog! The DIY of the day is a passport cover. I’ve seen lots of famous bloggers using those Louis Vuiton passport cases, but since I’m not that fancy and I want to have something more ‘me’ I decided to make a cover myself.

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Workspace inspiration

Something that is really important for me in a house is to have your own space. Sometimes I like to be by myself for the day and do the things I like without others questioning what I’m doing.

When I have a day like that, I tend to be creative. I start scrapbooking for example, which is something I really need space for. When I’m doing that there are papers, painting, tape, stickers and bows everywhere. As I still live with my parents at the moment, I’m happy to be able to do those things in my own room, because they would really worry when they would see all the mess I’ve made after crafting for a while!

I’d like to have a workspace that is white, because it brings light into the room and to me white is really classy. I would go for one color accent though, but I haven’t decided what color I’d pick.

Something I else I need is a big table, not just a little one like you see on some of those pictures, because I need my space.

I’d put black-and-white pictures that I’ve taken on the wall and I’d use some inspirational quotes to give the space a more personal touch!

I’m so looking forward to have my own place and to start designing what it will look like! I have lots of ideas already! Now I just have to earn enough money to realize my dream office!



Workspace 3

Workspace 4

Workspace 5

Workspace 6

Workspace 7

The camera


I’ve decided to start sharing pictures I found on Pinterest that inspired me & this is the first one I’d like to share with you!

I love photography and I’ve actually loved it since my dad bought his first digital camera! I have always been the girl in the group with the good camera who would take a lot of pictures during the day/night and share them after with everyone.

I love the quote on the camera because it really just says what I experience. Before I started loving photography, I didn’t see much details in this world. Now I do. Even if I don’t have my camera with me, I do look further than what I see.

I think that lots of people should try to do that. The world is not only about YOUR life, YOUR problems or what YOU know. It’s a lot more than that. Try looking in a different way at what you see, and share how that made you feel. Look for the story behind the view and enrich yourself!