#OOTD: Prêt à partir


After having been in Belgium for almost 4 weeks, I’m going back to the US. This time I’ll stay for more than a year and I’m so excited! In 2 weeks I’ll start studying photography there and I can’t wait to learn more about this topic!

Today and the last couple of days before I said goodbye to my friends and to Belgium! I like to be in my country, but I feel like I have to take all the chances to get to another country. It’s the third time that I’m leaving Belgium for so long and I’ve never been as prepared as I am right now. I’ve gotten used to packing and I actually enjoy doing it! Continue reading

Happy 2014 & My New Year’s resolutions


First of all I want to wish you all a happy 2014 full of joy, dreams that are coming true and love! I celebrated New Years Eve with 2 of my best girlfriends and we had a blast! We enjoyed our appetizers, talks and desserts and we watched some good movies. We skipped the main course this year, because every year we have way to much appetizers and we didn’t want to skip our delicious sugary dessert! 😉

It was really nice to spend time with those girls, because the three of us are the people of our group of friends who enjoy going abroad for longer periods of time. Tomorrow one of my friends is leaving for Canada. She’ll be studying there for 3 or 4 months. My other friend did the same thing 2 years ago, so she was talking about how she felt during that year and she was sharing her wonderful experience. As you know, I’m going to live in California for a year now. I’m leaving next Tuesday and I’m so excited for that journey to begin! Yesterday’s celebration was both a welcome and a goodbye or how I’d like to call it a hasta luego. We said goodbye to a wonderful year and hasta luego to each other because we probably won’t see each other till 2015. We welcomed 2014 and talked about all our resolutions for the new year. All of us have lots of dreams and we can’t wait to make them come true! Continue reading

Tree camping

Tree Camping on the Picific Coast, Elk - California

Today I wanted to share a place with you that I’d like to visit someday.

It’s a tree camping on the Pacific Coast, Elk (California). It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t even seems to be real.

I think that when you’re up there, you must really seem safe. Imagine you’re there with your boyfriend, looking at the sunset and just being together, without saying anything. Wouldn’t that be the most romantic thing ever?

This is one of the places that is on the bucket list in my head! When I’m there, I’ll definitely write a post about it!

Bucket list 2: Work abroad

As I saw that you guys liked my first ‘bucket list’-post, I’m going to post another one. Working abroad is one that I actually put on my to-do list every year, but until now it never happened. Now it is going to happen, because I’m moving this Friday to Salamanca, where I am going to do my internship untill the 24th of May! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to meet a lot of people and take pictures of a city that looks amazing (from what I saw on Google ;-))!


Did anyone ever went to Salamanca allready? Any recommendations to visit some places overthere?

On Friday I’ll post about my arrival, and a little later I’ll share some pictures of my new hometown!


Bucket list 1: Hitchhiking


I am really into old pictures, just like this one. I think there is a story behind every picture and I’m wondering what those 2 ladies were up to. Did they want to discover the world? Were they rebellious? What did there boyfriends think about them taking this risk?

I posted it because I hope to go hitchhiking with a friend in 2013. It must be amazing to get to know people while they give you a ride. You never know which stories you’re going to hear, but it can be inspiring. It’s on my bucket list!

xoxo Julie - VanessaMarie