Fifty Shades of Grey


I bought the Fifty Shades-trilogy a couple of months ago and I have been so exited to read the three of them, but I never found the time to start reading! But… I’m taking a break right now so I can finally start reading number 1 šŸ˜‰

Happy Valentine’s Day ā¤

I want those books in my future house


I love reading. And an interior like this one, with lots of books, is one of my biggest dreams!

I’m not sure yet what my future house will look like. On the oneĀ hand I want something which is supermodern with the newest technologie, but on the otherĀ hand I’d really love something like in this picture. I love bookcases, and I love it when they are huge, like this one.

What do you think about this?
Can anyone tell me some titles of nice books btw? (I’d love to go reading for a while!)