The world is a book…


I love quotes, because in some way they always seem to motivate me!

My favorite quotes are about health/fitness, traveling and life. They make me think about how simple it can be to fulfill your wishes. You just always have to motivate yourself to DO rather than to wish for something!

The quote of the day is one that I love because it’s my ultimate dream to see the world. I’ve traveled quite a lot already during my 22 years of life. But now that I’m graduated I really feel like I have the age to travel in another way. I want to see the world without having the luxury to stay in great hotels. I’d love to stay more in youth hostels, to go couch surfing, to meet new and interesting people on the road… I’d love to meet people who have the same ideas about life and traveling like I do! I have been lucky to experience this way of traveling already during my stay in Spain so I’m already really grateful for that!

My original plan was to travel in the United States/Central America for the next year, but in the end I couldn’t do it because my friend with whom I was about to do this trip wanted to continue studying some more. Of course I can’t go alone, since I’m a girl and its not that safe to be by yourself so I hope that someday I do get the chance to meet someone who wants to come along!

Who has traveled the world? Share your experiences in the comments below!


My Shopcade Wishlist

EtailPR launched a new giveaway for which participants have to make a wish list for ShopCade!

When taking a look at their website I immediately saw that it would be hard to decide on which beauty items I would put in this wish list so I decided to be a bit more creative than just choosing what I would chose all the time. I decided to base my choice on 4 colors: Black, White, Pink & Gold.

On the image you can see the result! As you can see I chose for a cute little make-up bag and then I chose some essentials to put inside! I think these things would be ideal when traveling!


You can check the prices of the items on my wish list here!

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Review: Kruidvat nail polish remover


It’s a while ago that I wrote a beauty post so I decided to enrich you guys with a review of this nail polish remover that I bought yesterday.

With this product you can literally remove your nail polish in 3 minutes! It costs less than 5 euros and you can purchase it at Kruidvat.

It’s more than worth its money!

Happy Sunday everyone!