Last week I traveled with a baby for the first time. 

Paul, Stacy, Slaiden and I went to Seattle for the week and I can’t wait to share my pictures of the trip with you guys, but in this post I want to talk about the trip there. I had packed Slaiden’s bags before when we went on a road trip, so I knew what I had to do, but little did I know what traveling to another state by plane is with a baby. You need to bring a stroller, a car seat, a high chair, a baby backpack… I mean, the list doesn’t stop. Traveling with a 16-month old is not easy. It asks for organization, teamwork and most of all patience.  Continue reading

Plane ride to a new chapter

Travel 0701

This whole week has been a total rush, seriously. On Monday I wanted to say goodbye to some friends and I wanted to go eating to my favorite spaghetti place in Ghent (de Kastart). I also wanted to check out the shopping street to see if I could do some sales, but since most of the things that were for sale were warm and cosy winter clothes, I decided to save my money instead, because everyone knows that you don’t need a super warm sweater if you’re going to live in the LA area, right?! Continue reading