InstaMeet: #foggypierpressure – part 2

#foggypierpressure 2

As promised in one of my previous posts here is the other half of the pictures I took at the InstaMeet. Enjoy the beautiful sunset! 😉 Continue reading

InstaMeet: #foggypierpressure – part 1


While browsing through Instagram I found this really talented guy @petehalvorsen who was always posting these amazing videos of the place where I’m currently living.

On one of his pictures he mentioned something about an InstaMeet which really caught my attention. Saturday was the day so I went there and took a bunch of pictures just like all the other people who were there.  Continue reading



I love having healthy snacks! I have to admit that I often eat unhealthy! I have this paprika crisps addiction and I can just start eating them until I finish a whole bag!

Ok, I admitted my YOLO-addiction but as I said I do love healthy snacks too! This time I chose to go for an orange snack! I made fresh orange juice and cut some additional oranges to eat just like that and that combined with reading a book made it a perfect afternoon to me!

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The lovely summer look of my garden


In today’s post I just wanted to share these pictures that I took in my garden!

Isn’t nature the most perfect thing ever? I just love how the flowers look and I’m so happy that I was able to shoot some pictures of the bees and the butterflies on the plants!

Let me know what you think about my pictures in the comments below!


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