26 before I’m 26: Training Plan


Happy Friday everyone!

The kids are out of town, which means I have the day off, which was much needed. I worked out a lot this week and I’m super sore, which means today isn’t going to be the most active day, but it is however a perfect day to get organized. 

When I first came to the US, the parents of the kids I’m taking care of asked me if I wanted to run a half marathon with them. It was something I had never thought of before. I mean, I liked running, but I didn’t think I could run a half marathon. It seemed something for these crazy athletic people with a six pack that run during every free moment they can find in their day. When I lived in Belgium, I would never run further than 10 kilometers and most of my runs were on the treadmill. Here in California, I love running outside. I mean, how could I not?! Running on the beach, in the sun, surrounded by good-looking people is pretty motivating.

As I ran more often and signed up for more races, I started playing with the idea of running a full marathon someday and now that my visa is almost expiring I feel like since this running journey of mine pretty much started in California, I should do the full marathon here before I leave. I like the idea of running 26 miles before I’m 26 and I feel like right now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, so this is the right time to take action and sign up for a full marathon.

I decided to grab my agenda and plan my workouts for the next couple of weeks and since I’ve experienced that my endurance is much better and my heart is so much stronger thanks to all the classes I take at Afterburn Fitness I decided to keep incorporating the classes in my training program. This is a first. I’ve never done a combo of running and taking classes. I always either only run or only take classes. I’m going to try to stay consistent and follow the schedule I made and I will post weekly updates of how I did.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.14.35 PM

The miles that I marked in blue are the races I’m signed up for. The yellow is the total mileage for the week, the distances I marked in red are the regular runs I’m doing that day and everything I wrote down in black are the classes I take at my gym. Interval X is a circuit training class that I take to lose fat and tone my body. It’s mostly cardio and pretty light weights. Burn is the same thing, but uses my own body weight for the exercises. Cross train is a muscle building class and so is Fit 45. The only difference is that Fit 45 is only a 45 minute class and it’s a little more intense than the regular cross train class. MMA conditioning is a kickboxing class that focuses on the cardio aspect of boxing.

Past races:
04/01-04/02: Ragnar SoCal, Huntington Beach to San Diego
04/10: The Outstanding Half Marathon, Santa Monica

Upcoming races:
04/23: Color Fun Fest 5k, Los Angeles
05/07: Tinker Bell 10k, Anaheim
05/08: Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Anaheim
06/05: Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, San Diego

Also, If anyone wants to join me on my long runs in the weekend, please let me know! I’d love your company.

Which races are you currently signed up for?


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