Challenge – Week 1


This week has been crazy busy. Taking care of the boys from 7 to 5 and working from 5 to 10 every day is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. This week was so special at work.

In classes where there’s normally about 10 people showing up, there were about 40 people this week. Every single person who came in this week was happy to be here and that brings so much joy to my day. I’m getting to know the names of our brand new challenge members, which I love! People smiled. Someone told me that she ran for 15 minutes straight on the treadmill, which was something she couldn’t do 2 weeks ago. Another person told me he lost 16 pounds in the last 2 weeks. All these things are what makes working at a gym the best job ever.

People are working on themselves and they are accomplishing things every day. I love that. I also love that they come to me and tell me what they’ve accomplished. It makes me so proud of every single one of them.

My challenge started on Wednesday. I was planning on weighing in around 6:15am right before the kids wake up, but since Strider was a up at 4:45 and I’m the worst sleeper ever (When I wake up in the middle of the night it takes me an hour at least to fall back asleep!) I ended up going at 5:40. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I entered the gym. There were probably 70 people working out bright and early! So awesome!

I did my body fat test and I was pretty happy with the results but I definitely have some stuff to work on.

These were my stats:
– Weight: 146.5 lbs
– Skeletal Muscle Mass: 59.1 lbs
– Body Fat Mass: 39.6 lbs
– BMI: 23.7 
– Body Fat Percentage: 27%

My main goal is to get my body fat percentage down to 20% or less, so I’m going to do whatever it takes to do that.

I took 4 classes this week.

  1. 1/27: Fit 45 with Blake
    This week was testing week. We basically did a routine of exercises and measured our amount of reps. In 8 weeks we’re going to do the exact routine and see how much progress we made, which I’m super excited about!
       – Box jump: 26/24/24
       – Rowing machine: 12/11/10
       – Push press 45 lbs: 10/10/9
       – Wall ball 10 lbs: 19/22/20
       – SDHP yellow kettle bell: 17/20/19

    Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
  2. 1/28: MMA Conditioning with Sal
    It was my first time taking this class and it was awesome. It was basically the k-box class, but they incorporated a little more cardio in it which was nice. I had never been so sweaty in my life after a workout as I was after this class (until Saturday’s Tag Team happened! ;-)).thumb_IMG_7465_1024
  3. 1/29: Cross Train with Tony
    Tony is awesome. Not only is he the owner of the gym and an amazing business man, he’s also an amazing trainer. Whenever he subs for one of the trainers and I’m available I try to come take his class. Among other things we tested our deadlift max. I had never done a deadlift in my life, but I was super proud of myself after seeing my results! The girls I worked with during this class were so amazing and motivating and they made me work extra hard! Also, I thought I couldn’t do pull ups, even with the help of a resistance band, but one of the guys that was in class showed me a trick to make it easier and I actually did some decent pull ups thanks to him! I love how this community is all about helping others that are having a difficult time doing certain exercises.
       – 5 reps: 105 lbs
       – 3 reps: 125 lbs
       – 1 rep: 145 lbs 


  4. 1/30: Ultimate Tag Team
    This workout was the hardest and longest workout I’ve ever done. It took about 2 hours and it had 5 stations. We started with a quick run, followed by spinning (we fogged up the room after just 10 minutes of spinning!); circuit training involving ropes, burpees, kettle bell swings and squat jumps; cross training which consisted of box jumps, lifts, pull ups and burpees; running and resistance band running; and last but not least kickboxing. I was soaking wet, but I definitely got a good sweat session in! I went home and fell asleep (even though I’m not a napper usually!), that’s how hard it was.

Tomorrow I’m working so I won’t be able to get a workout in, but that’s actually a good thing, because my body can use a rest day.

Food wise, I’ve just tried to leave out snacks this week and eat semi healthy. Tomorrow I’m getting all the ingredients for my meal prepping for the week. I’m so excited to follow the meal plan into detail and to just be good to my body. If my nutrition is on point and I keep working out the way I’m doing, those abs should be coming out in no time, right?! 😉 I’m so excited to keep track of everything I do and eat and to start seeing changes. I’m ready to do this!


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