The Challenge


My gym’s 60 day Body Transformation Challenge started yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of something that’s going to change so many lives.

My work day started early and ended late, but I was so thrilled to be a part of every step of that first day.

My task was to take the ‘before pictures’ of everyone participating in the challenge. What I really had to do was so much bigger than just taking the shot. People came in with little hearts. They were scared and nervous of what was to come. I tried my best to comfort them and will try to keep doing that during the challenge and after. Some people were really comfortable in their own skin, others asked me to close the door of the photo room while they were getting undressed. Some people walked in super shy and walked out really confident. One of the girls that came in didn’t feel comfortable with what she was wearing after seeing what other girls were wearing for their picture so I got undressed and gave her my top for the picture. Seeing what all these people voluntarily want to sacrifice to start this next chapter in their lives, makes me want to do anything to make them feel comfortable around us and to make them feel like they are coming home when they arrive at Afterburn Fitness.

People came in with many questions and being a front desk girl and one of the familiar faces of the gym, I love that they come to me and my awesome colleagues to ask these questions. I feel like in such a short time of working at this company (We only opened in October 2015.) we learned so much about being fit and how to treat people the right way. Answering questions and talking to people about the different types of classes and how we personally feel after taking those classes ourselves, makes such a difference. I love that our managers encourage us to participate in the gym’s activities because besides becoming fitter ourselves we can build a relationship with all the awesome members and be part of this amazing healthy community.

The staff is participating in the challenge but we aren’t starting till Wednesday! I got 2 more days to eat my favorite food before I really become a part of this challenge myself.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to do this!


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