Silhouette of happiness

Silhouette family (3 of 4)

Photography is not all about people looking cute, having a nice smile or being photogenic. For me it’s more about capturing moments and seeing happiness in people without even seeing their facial expression. I love this picture because it has everything what I just said. It’s a young family who took their 2 year old and 1 month old out to see the sunset. It’s little moments like this that make life so beautiful. The kids might not remember this moment, but when they look back at this picture in a couple of years, they will be able to see how great it is to enjoy the little things in life with ones you love. 

For me, even though I live with these people and I know them, when I see a picture like this I always make up stories in my head. What were they doing? Why were they there? Where is this place? I love that about photography. The fact that it makes you take a breath and think about the endless possibilities to create your own happiness.

Do you make up stories in your head when you see a cool picture?


Silhouette family (1 of 4)

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