Please don’t make me put on chains!

Sequoia (6 of 17)

How many of you are girls and have (just like me) no clue how to put chains on the wheels of your car when it’s snowing heavily? It had been hot the whole month of December in California, so the last thing I thought I’d have to do is to drive in the snow. Of course, two days before my road trip a snow storm passed through Sequoia and there I was, stressing out about having to put those chains on my rental car. I never had to actually put them on, thank God, but it gave me a good amount of stress. 

Even though I only spent a couple of hours in Sequoia, I thought it was so beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it! The funniest thing was when I parked the car and I decided to take a walk in the snow! I started walking and suddenly I take a step and I feel in a 1m deep hole of snow and had to walk further that way. What was kinda scary was that while I was driving, I sometimes had a whole bunch of snow suddenly falling on the car and since it was often pretty heavy, it was so loud and scared me every time!

Are you used to driving in the snow? Do you have any tips on how to put chains on?


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