Beach 15-01 (10 of 16)

Home is not a place. It’s a feeling!

Ever since the beginning of the year, we’ve been trying to go see as many sunsets as possible and they have been amazing. I’ve seen all kinds of gorgeous ‘paintings in the sky’. The sky just gets a mix of pink, blue, purple and yellow and it’s hard not to be amazed by its beauty. 

Slaiden loves hanging out at the beach and he loves seeing the sun go down. He’s so cute, pointing at the sun and the moon and saying those words in his high little voice. A-do-ra-ble!

Have you guys been taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature this year?


2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. ameliaappletree says:

    The sun is setting as we walk home from school pick up time at the moment. My little girl loves seeing the ‘pretty clouds’. I might try and go for a walk in the park over the weekend at sunset so we can get a proper look and maybe some photos too.
    Such a lovely pic by the way!

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