Looking for pine cones on the trail

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Back in October when the leaves started coming off the trees and there were pine cones everywhere, I took Slaiden and his bear to the trail close to our house and let him run around free and enjoy the nature. I remember that back when I was little I loved playing with all the leaves and the other things I found on the ground outside. Of course I was a little older than him from what I remember, but knowing how active he is I knew it would be the perfect activity. 

He literally started running around the moment I let him loose and he kept picking up all the pine cones, putting them in the stroller and then on the bench. He climbed in a couple of trees, danced around and had just so much fun! I love that he’s the kind of kid who prefers being outside than inside. I can’t wait to go camping with him one day! I’m sure he’ll be in heaven after an experience like that!


PS: Don’t you just love his Freshly Picked moccs? They are so adorable on him! I’m probably the biggest fans of Susan Petersen and her amazing product!

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2 thoughts on “Looking for pine cones on the trail

  1. Chrissie says:

    That really is the most fun you can have as a kid out in the fresh air climbing trees and exploring ^_^ Slaiden is THE coolest name I’ve ever heard for a little dude!

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