Baby sprinkle

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In less than a month, Slaiden is going to have a little brother and we couldn’t be more excited! I’m really looking forward to learning everything about newborns and to be a part of this little guy’s life since the very beginning.

Stacy’s mom and best friend organized a super cute sprinkle for her and I was so happy to be invited because I had never been to a baby shower before. Instead of doing it at someone’s house we all went to the Manhattan Beach Post and had brunch there. It’s one of Stacy’s favorite breakfast places and it isn’t hard to see why! The location is gorgeous and the food is absolutely delicious! The little biscuits you can see in the last picture are my favorites! I’d have them every day if I could.

We ended the beautiful morning with a box of 2 Susiecakes cupcakes for every guest! I loved it!


PS: In the US, baby showers (or sprinkles for the second baby) are an all girl event and there are no guys allowed! Just wanted to share this, since I was a little surprised to learn this. 😉

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