Eating cupcakes & kissing strangers

MB walk (2 of 17)

It has been cooling down a little bit in California the last couple of weeks, which is great. We even had some rain this week! With the heatwave that had been going on for weeks, I was happy that I could finally take a long walk without getting dehydrated. 

We went down to Manhattan Beach, because they put up the Christmas lights and trees on the pier and I really wanted to go see them and show Slaiden what Christmas looks like. When we past the Manhattan Beach Creamery, he kept pointing at the cupcakes and telling me ‘mooo mooo’ (more). I decided to go in, because they have the cutest little cupcakes and the best macarons.

After we were done enjoying our little treat in those fabulous chairs you can see on the pictures, we walked down to the pier. Suddenly this really cute little boy ran up to Slaiden and started hugging and kissing him. Slaiden loved it of course, cause he would normally be the one to do that to other kids! We ended up hanging out with the little guy, one of his girlfriends and their au pairs and it ended up being a lovely afternoon.

I haven’t been posting for a while, because I’m so busy studying, but next week is the last week of the semester! So excited to be getting some rest and to finally put up tons of pictures I’ve been wanting to share with you guys!

Stay tuned!


MB walk (13 of 17) MB walk (3 of 17)MB walk (11 of 17) MB walk (5 of 17)MB walk (1 of 17)MB walk (17 of 17) MB walk (8 of 17)MB walk (4 of 17)

2 thoughts on “Eating cupcakes & kissing strangers

  1. A. I. Sajib says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    On Christmas, I’ve always wanted to visit US during Christmas. I haven’t been able to, yet. Last year I was in the States but had to come back in October. I always see Christmas-y lighting, decoration, rush and the thrill of holidays in movies, TV shows, news articles, I wonder how it feels to really be in it. Perhaps someday.

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