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About a month ago, my friend Sae, who I got to know through the Herbalife community, invited me to go down to the beach to do some yoga. I thought it was worth a try, since I had been wanting to get my first real yoga experience for a while now. And let’s be honest… What better setting to have a relaxing yoga session than right on the beach?!

The class was pretty small, which I loved, because I like it when the teacher looks at what you’re doing and actually takes the time to tell you how you can do better. I once did yoga before and there were about 50 people taking the class and I’m sure I was messing up all the movements I had to be doing, but the teacher just didn’t have time to correct or help me.

Jennifer Wicks, the girl who teaches the classes is very passionate about what she does and she gives the classes by donation, which is great! She values the company and the healthy community way more than just the money aspect of it, which I love about her. Make sure to check out her website, and if you’d live in the South Bay, please come to one of her classes on Saturday in Hermosa Beach!

What do you think about yoga? Would you ever consider going on a yoga retreat?



After the class, I decided to take some pictures and the girls were happy to do some yoga poses for me. On the picture above I jumped in front of the camera, while Jenn’s husband was snapping some pictures!

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12 thoughts on “Yoga with a view

    • juliecrombe says:

      We had one guy in the class actually! Believe me, I’m not good at yoga. I tried doing the best I could, which was good enough, but I definitely have to work on my flexibility!

  1. twoblackdoggies says:

    What a great place to do yoga! I’ve only done yoga once and it was a very relaxing experience, not an intense class which was perfect for my first experience with yoga. The photos are lovely and your post makes me want to find a local class I can go to 🙂

    • juliecrombe says:

      Yoga is so popular now and I feel like they teach it everywhere! You should definitely go for a second class! I’m going to do the same thing whenever I have a free Saturday morning!

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