Sailing in Redondo Beach

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Paul’s dutch cousins are in town for a whole month and that means that there are/were lots of really fun activities planned. They went to Vegas for Halloween, the Grand Canyon, Sacramento, Seattle (to watch the Seahawks play) and so on. They also did a lot of things in our little beach town here. They went biking, are planning a fish trip and they went sailing. After they spent the afternoon on the water, Stacy, Slaiden and I went over to the marina and got on the boat to take a little tour on the water. It was amazing!

Having a boat gives you so much freedom. You can go wherever you want and you can just escape at times. Even though we were only on the boat for 45 minutes, I loved the experience and really enjoyed watching the sunset from another angle. Slaiden loved being on the boat and kept imitating the sound of the seals we saw about everywhere!

Also, I’m so excited to meet the new baby who’s gonna be here in less than 2 months. Isn’t Stacy so beautiful being pregnant? 😉

Have you ever been on a sail boat? What did you like the most about it?



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6 thoughts on “Sailing in Redondo Beach

  1. Mariska ❞ says:

    Wonderful images Julie! There is definitely something special about being on a boat. The scenery is nearly magical, the air is pure.. If only I wouldn’t be sea-sick every time I get on a boat. It is a real handicap when traveling. When I was living in the Carib’s my friends used to rent a boat for a day like, once a month, and have the best time sailing around.. I never went with them. Such a shame.
    Lucky girl!

    • juliecrombe says:

      You were living in the Caribbean? OMG! You’re the lucky girl! Where exactly? You should have asked your friends that they could just go sail close to the shore, so you wouldn’t get sea sick and then just relax and take pictures and enjoy the moment!

      • Mariska ❞ says:

        Ha you would think! Unfortunately I am one of those people who gets sick anywhere. I still get car sick, my mom told me that I’d grow out of it.. But I didn’t! 😦
        Yes I did live in the Caribbean for two years, on the French side of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. I have few photo’s (which is very dumb! but you know how life gets… when you get used to a certain situation..) There are some posts on my page though..

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