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I used to always post my most liked pictures of Instagram on the blog, but since the last couple of months were so busy for me and I barely had the time to even open up my computer and start typing a blog post, I didn’t really keep up with this monthly blog tradition. That’s why I decided to just do a post on my most liked pictures of the summer!

I think Instagram is an amazing app. It’s for sure my favorite app I have on my iPhone! Looking back at all those pictures from June, July and August put a huge smile on my face, because those months not only flew by, but they were more than amazing! I live in the most beautiful place on earth and get to see and hang out at the beach whenever I want to. I got to travel to Washington, Honduras, Roatan and parts of California that I hadn’t seen before such as San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Half Moon Bay and everything in between. In September I even had visitors from Belgium, my sister and cousin,  coming over for a little bit which was great!

I love that we live in a time where we can capture all this beauty everywhere and at any time and share it with our friends or people who are inspired by us or who we are inspired by. It’s so great!

What do you use to look back at a beautiful summer? A photo album, a diary, Instagram or another medium? Let me know in the comments below! Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@juliecrombe) and I’m excited to get to know you guys a little better through your Instagram photos!


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