James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

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A couple of days into our road trip of a couple of weeks ago, we stayed in Half Moon Bay for a 2 days. We stayed with Stacy’s godparents and it was the best. They took us to a couple of places and I could also use their bike to go explore and take pictures by myself whenever I felt like. It was nice to just be around people as kind as they were.

The first day we were there they took us to the gorgeous James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach. The views were outstanding, the trees were really tall and it was a great place to just come to rest. Slaiden loved climbing in the trees and looking for natural treasures. We don’t really have places like that close to Redondo Beach (I think!) so it was great for him to be able to experience this beauty. We also saw seals resting on the silent beach, which was amazing. You have to know, I had never seen this animal before in my life, but during this road trip they were just everywhere! So great that they live in the wild just like that!

The kind of nature I saw there made me think back of our road trip to Washington, which was one of the best trips in my life. I love Seattle and everything around there! While wandering in between those tall trees, I also felt as if I were walking in Belgium for a moment. What I’m trying to say is that California is just such an amazing place on earth. This state has everything. You can go skiing here, go to the most beautiful beaches, hike in mountains and enjoy the amazing views, find yourself in the desert, see wildlife that you would only see in cages in the zoo if you were in Belgium, go diving, go sailing or surfing, find waterfalls… Everything you can dream of, you can do it in this one state. A-MA-ZING! Do you understand now why I would like to stay here forever? Someone get me a green card, pretty please.

What do you think of the pictures? Are you excited to see more of this Reserve? Stay tuned the next couple of days!


PS: I’m trying to get nominated for the Weekend Blog Awards. A Belgian national competition I’m very excited about. It would be great if you guys could stop by and nominate me. You can do it here and it only takes 5 minutes! For the non-belgian people among you I’ll translate the form a little bit. You can write everything down in English though. (Naam: name, voornaam: surname, categorie would be personal or travel/city, the next thing you have to put in is the url to my blog and then you write a short motivation as to why you like my blog or why I inspire you.). Thank you so much!!! I love you guys!

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