Cookies & elephant seals

Roadtrip seals (4 of 5)

When on a road trip it’s important to not only focus on the monuments and places you have to see, but to also make time for little stops along the way that are a little less touristy. A couple of months (or years?) ago, Stacy and Paul read about this Brown Butter Cookie Company in Sunset magazine. They made a quick pit stop there to pick up some cookies last year, and since Stacy was crazy about those cookies we decided to drive by on our road trip too! There were samples of all the different flavors they offered and I must say, they tasted amazing! If you’re ever driving by Cayucos (CA) and you’re a cookie lover, just like me, make sure to pay the Brown Butter Cookie Company a visit!

Another stop we made along the road was one on Highway 1, near Hearst Casle, where we stopped to see the elephant seals who were relaxing on the beach. These were animals that I’d never seen before and I didn’t know existed. These funny-looking animals were basically laying down for 20 minutes, moving a meter and rest for half an hour again, and I’m pretty sure that’s what they do all day long.

Have you ever seen an animal you didn’t know existed? Which one?


Roadtrip seals (2 of 5) Roadtrip seals (3 of 5)  Roadtrip seals (5 of 5)Roadtrip seals (1 of 5)

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