Big Sur

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One of the stops on our road trip I was very exciting about was Big Sur. I had seen lots of pictures of this place and it totally met my expectations. The drive was beautiful and the views were amazing. Every couple of miles we made little stops so I could take some pictures. I also had the most delicious tomato soup at Nepenthe, a little restaurant with a great view in the middle of the Big Sur mountains. Definitely a place to go if you get hungry on the way. 

Something I didn’t expect to see was the very clear blue water of the ocean. I almost felt like I was in Roatan again! So pretty! I loved the iconic bridge that you can see on the first picture! 

What’s your favorite spot in Big Sur? Have you hiked around there?


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3 thoughts on “Big Sur

  1. morninggloryphotography says:

    What a fantastic spot! I hired a Harley and rode that road a couple of years ago and loved it. That bridge is fantastic and was mesmerised by the rolling fog as it came in

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