Meet Mister Grumpy

Grumpy  (1 of 5)

Slaiden is the happiest little guy I know. He usually always has a smile on his face, except for those times when he wakes up before 7. Then he’s very grumpy the whole day long. On days like those I know that it’s going to be hard to take him to the park or any other place out of the house because I know that he’s tired and whatever I’ll do with him, won’t make him any happier. He usually is very sneaky on days like that too. Before you know it, he’ll be dancing on a table, looking for your reaction. Or he will go ring the door bell a couple of times, because he knows that dog will bark very loud.

I took these pictures with my brand new camera! YAAAAY for new photo gear! I switched from Nikon to Canon. I’m still going to use my Nikon D3100, but the Canon 6D I just bought is my new baby so I’m very excited to get to know the camera and to actually shoot with it (A LOT!).

It’s definitely gonna come in handy during my west coast road trip I’m leaving on tomorrow for a full week! We’re going to drive all the way from Redondo Beach to Sacramento with lots of stops in between. So exciting! Can’t wait to leave here! With school having started just this week, it’s going to be the perfect little trip before getting serious and starting to study again. 

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?


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