Río Cangrejal

Pico Bonito (9 of 23)

Not only did I visit Cayos Cochinos, Roatan and Omoa while in Honduras; I also visited the Pico Bonito area in La Ceiba. A very old little bus took us up to the mountains where the Pico Bonito national park is located. There are various ways to get to know this area, and one of them is to do so by white water rafting. This was a lot of fun and I’ll talk more about this experience in another post, but for now I just want to share some of the pictures I took of the amazing views around Río Cangrejal! 

This river is located between the mountains and is surrounded by the most amazing, untouched pieces of nature. Since I’ve had discovered the beauty of National Parks in the US, I just want to see more of this beauty, everywhere in the world. I thought I was not really a nature lover. City trips were always more my kind of thing, but I’ve changed… A lot. Nature is everything. It’s what makes me relax, what makes me be thankful to live in a beautiful world and to be able to travel. It makes me wanna get even more into photography and it motivates me to work hard so I can be able to see this kind of beauty a lot more often. 

What inspires you when traveling?


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5 thoughts on “Río Cangrejal

    • juliecrombe says:

      I’m back from Honduras already, but still living in California instead of Belgium. Love my home away from home and love exploring everything everyday here! xo

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