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I’m in love with the Freshly Picked moccasins. I can’t wait to have my own kids and dress them in super cute clothes and top off their outfits with the most amazing moccs. In the meantime, while I’m nannying Slaiden, I want him to look perfect and dapper all the time. I got him these camo FP moccasins and they are truly amazing. When he was a little younger I get him the prince George ones and now at the age of 1,5 I’m even happier to have gotten a second pair of those little shoes. They are super easy to put on, stretch a little bit and look super cute. The other pair of moccs that’s on our wish list are the Born in the USA ones, so cute! They also launched a line of moccs with matching t-shirts and those too are amazing. I find them more girly though, and since people are already mistaking Slaiden for a girl all the time, I think I’m going to wait till they have a line of shirts that are more for boys. 

I’m saving up to get one of the amazing totes that FP offers on their website. My favorite one is the Neon Green Carryall, but sadly enough it’s currently sold out. 

We took this picture because FP was having a 24-hour contest on Instagram in which you had to post a picture with your ‘mini-me’. Stacy was out of town so I couldn’t do a cute mommy-baby picture of her and Slaiden, so I decided to just be in the picture myself instead. I’m pretty sad we didn’t win the 300$ gift certificate because I thought it was kind of an original touch to put his old moccs on the bear, so the owners of the shop could see how we are still making use of them. Freshly Picked does lots of cool contests for their followers though and the client service they have is amazing. I actually hope that someday I can work for a company like that or have my own company with something as innovative as theirs. 

The shop was featured in the American Blogger movie, which I loved. When I first learnt about the movie on social media, I was so excited to see it and as soon as it was online for sale, I bought it. It was just so cool to hear the stories of the American bloggers that were featured in the movie. It was super cool to recognize some of the bloggers I follow on social media and to actually hear them talk instead of just viewing their website.  I strongly advise you guys to look into this movie! 😉

What is your favorite FP moccasin?




2 thoughts on “Freshly Picked

  1. Rachelle Codd says:

    Great shot! We have 5 pairs of freshly picked moccs…one pair we won from your giveaway! Thx! Chrome, Aruba, neon pink, Camo & platinum! We love all of them. Def need another pair….neon green to rock with our Seattle Seahawks gear:) and I love the carryalls! Don’t have one yet but it’s on my mommy wish list. Hope you get yours soon.

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