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As you’ve probably seen, it’s been a while since I covered a ‘health post’. A couple of months ago I gained a large number of followers due to my healthy post and I feel like I should keep writing about my ways to stay healthy not only for them, but for me too. 

After finishing my first half marathon in May, I stopped running because I was tired and my body needed some well-deserved rest. I started going to the gym and doing weight training instead, but I know that for me that’s not the solution to stay healthy. To keep a good weight I need cardio several times a week. Last week I started combining the weight training with a couple of short runs and I already feel that my body is getting in better shape. 

I have the Nike Women Half Marathon coming up in October in SanFran and I have to start building up my running again. Last time I trained for a half I started way too early. I followed a 12-week program then and my body was just too tired by the time the marathon was there. This time I wanna train in another way, so I’m still working out what’s the best way for me to handle all of this. 

Anyways, if I come up with a plan, I’ll share it with you!

Workout gear: Fabletics
Fabletics is a subscription service for which you can sign up if you want to receive amazing training gear, designed by Kate Hudson, for a very reasonable price. This service is especially made for people who want to workout in comfortable and fashionable clothes! After completing a little quiz, the people behind the Fabletics website put together the ideal outfit for you. If you like it you can buy it, if you don’t you can change the outfit of your choice or skip buying for that particular month! Train fashionable, guys! 😉

Bag: King Kong Gym Bag 2.0
The bags that King Kong Apparel offer are not only amazing looking, they are also ultra functional. The materials feel very nice and are very strong. It’s amazing how many things fit in this bag. Whatever workout you’re doing, you’re good with this bag. It has separate compartments so you can put wet or dirty clothes away. It has plenty of space for workout clothes, fresh clothes, a towel, water, a yoga mat and so on. It also comes in many colors! I chose for the grey one because I like the bag to be in a neutral color as I like to wear colorful workout gear most of the time (I love the shade of the pink color they are offering too)! Check out this page to find out more about their new models and colors! I’m loving the blue 25L rucksack! It looks very small and compact, but if you watch the video, the amount of space the bag has inside is insane! It’s a perfect bag for people who go to the gym by bike, as I’m doing lately! What’s your favorite new model of the King Kong collection?
Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news of this amazing brand!

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