Friends who feel like family


I’m from a family with 3 girls. I’m the oldest one and have a sister who’s 1 year younger and one who’s 4 years younger. Even though in theory I have 2 sisters, I feel like I have 3 sisters. In 2009, I lived in Honduras for a year and the family a lived with had 3 boys and a girl. The little girl was just a baby back then, but I fell in love with her the moment I met her. 

Her name is Michelle and she’s 5,5 now. I try to visit Honduras every year, but sometimes that’s hard money wise. For a plane ticket from Belgium to Latin America you easily pay more than 1000 euros, which makes it impossible for a student like me to do very often.

She’s such a pleasure to hang out with and every time I see her, I’m so amazed by what she’s able to do already. She spoke a little English when she was 3 and now her English is great! She also plays the violin and goes to ballet every week. She’s a real little lady! When I invite her to go to the mall, she takes her purse (with some fake money in it), she wears high heels and she puts lipstick and perfume on! Such a little character! 😉

I just love this little girl as if she were my real sister. I just find it so easy sometimes to bond with kids. They can learn from you, but you certainly can learn from them too. The first couple of days when I was in Honduras I had to get used to speaking Spanish again and while grownups sometimes don’t have the patience to explain you a word in Spanish, kids do have that patience. Grownups would just change to English, which I don’t really like, because in the end I’m there to perfect my Spanish. Michelle would slowly explain me the word in a very easy and clear way, which I love about her! In exchange, I help her with the pronunciation of her English words that she’s learning and it just feels great that after a couple of try-outs she’s actually able to say the word or sentence correctly.

The first picture was taken in 2010, the second one in 2011, the third one in 2012 and the last one last week (in 2014).

Do you have people in your life you’re not actually related to but you feel like you are?


BP-4kopie BP-2kopieBP-5kopie

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