The cutest boy in the cutest swim shorts


Since we’re living in California and we’re spending a lot of time at the beach, it’s essential for the baby to have lots of swim gear! Whenever I say ‘beach’ Slaiden runs off to the remote of the garage to open it, so I can get his stroller and his little bucket out of there. As we come closer to the beach he will point at the water and once I get him out of the stroller he’s on the loose!

To get back to the swim gear, I have to say that it’s not always easy to find cute swim gear for babies, but after I recently discovered the Sunuva collection I was sold! We ordered this set that he’s wearing in the pictures and a float suit which I’ll show you in another post. He loved moving around in it and he looked just adorable! The thing I really like about this brand is that all their gear is made of UV protective material and that the prints are so cute that I kinda want to let him wear those shorts even when we’re not at the beach! They also have really cool clothes for when the kids are not in the water, so Slaiden might end up in one of their adorable shirts or shorts one day too!

During my stay in Honduras, I went to Roatan for a couple of days where I met up with Slaiden, his parents, his uncle Scotty and his grandparents. It was amazing to see all of them in a different setting! Since Stacy is pregnant with baby number 2 and the boys were mainly diving, we spent a lot of time at the beach with Slaiden. He’s just really in his element when he’s outside and even more when he can run around and splash in the water!

What did you think about the swim gear? Do you like the prints? Have you ever taken a baby to an island?


BP-5kopie BP-4kopieBP-3kopieBP-6kopie

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