Rio Coto


Honduras is a beautiful country. One that I carry in my heart. The first weekend I spent in Honduras, 2 weeks ago, my host family took me to Rio Coto where we met up with our neighbors. We ate the most delicious en fresh fried fish with tajadas and rice and beans. We swam in the water, jumped off the little pier, took some great GoPro footage, build sandcastles, took a ride on the banana boat and just enjoyed the great view of the surroundings.

What’s your favorite beach activity? 



4 thoughts on “Rio Coto

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    My favorite beach activity is just being there. I was in San Diego this past weekend. It was overcast and rained on and off all three days I was there. And I loved it!

  2. Kevin Molina says:

    Mi primer comentario \o/, un placer conocerte Julie, me alegro que haces lo que más te gusta, Saludos desde Honduras. Ya sabes, estamos para servirte.

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