Picnic in the Hoh Rain Forest


As promised I’d start posting more often again and since I took my trip to Washington about 1,5 month ago, I thought that it would be good to post my last article about it today. As you guys remember from previous post, the Olympic National Park has a lot to offer (mountains, snow, beach, rain forest and so on). After wandering through the rain forest for a couple of hours we found some really cool picnic spots nearby. 

While we were eating, the deer approached us and just stared at us while we were taking a bite of our homemade sandwiches. It was such a cool experience, and definitely something you should do for sure when you’re traveling with kids. Slaiden was only 16 months at the time (he just turned 18 months now!) but he loved everything about it. Running after the deer, eating outside, dancing on the picnic table and just being in the woods, it was an amazing experience for both the little guy and us!

What are your thoughts on picnicking in the woods? Any fun experiences you’d like to share? 😉


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