On the road


The internet is running slow here in Honduras, but since I have nothing else to do I decided to share this picture that I took in Washington last month. If you have read about my Washington road trip already, you probably already know that I’m obsessed with this state. Everything is just so pretty and peaceful, even the roads. Before moving to California I remember that I would spend many evenings browsing through Pinterest and WeHeartIt and I’d stumble upon really cool travel quotes pasted on gorgeous pictures with clean roads in the middle of nature.

When in Washington I was actually driving through places that were similar to the pictures I’d save or repin. What I love about this picture I took is the different colors that flow together. The different shades of green with the grey road and then the bright touches of yellow. This is the kind of picture I’d print out and hang on my wall, because it’s not just the colors or the composition that makes it special to me. It brings back amazing memories to a great road trip!


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