4th of July Block Party


Living in another country brings lots of new experiences. Experiences that we often know from the movies we saw or the books we read. The Fourth of July or Independence Day is a national holiday in the United States on which the americans think back of the day on which they were declared independent from Great Britain, in 1776. On this special holiday people rise up their American flags, wear clothes with the patterns of the flag, watch fireworks and spend time with friends and family.

We went to the beach in the morning and oh boy, it was packed. I had never before seen that much people on our beautiful beach. People were literally almost sitting on each other’s lap. Girls were wearing American flag bikinis and boys were wearing swim trunks in the same pattern, which was really cool to see. Everyone was having fun and chilling out at the beach, but after having chilled out there for a little while, we packed up because we had other plans! Along with a couple of neighbors, we organized our first block party and we had a blast. There was a petting zoo with turtles and spiders, there was a bounce house, a food truck, cupcakes, ping pong tables and great people! The police and fire fighters even stopped by to say hi to the kids! Such a great day!

Have you ever been part of a block party?


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3 thoughts on “4th of July Block Party

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’ve been to a couple or so block parties, It’s interesting and fun especially when it is a block I always just drive past, but hey how did the turtle end up in there? lol 🙂

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