Rialto Beach


Rialto Beach is probably the most unique looking beach that I’ve ever seen. The kind of beach that you’d see in a good movie and that makes you dream about being more adventurous and going to places that look like this place. Living in California, I’m used to white sandy beaches with hot surfers every few meters, so this was something totally different. Black sand, tall trees, driftwood everywhere, the most amazing rocks in every shade of grey and little islands that you could see through the foggy landscape. 

We had sun every day we were in Washington, but just when we arrived at the beach it started raining, not that I minded… The landscape looked even better like this!

I follow some of the Langly Ambassadors on Instagram and Rialto Beach is definitely the kind of place where those photographers would go, explore and take gorgeous pictures!

Did you ever find a gorgeous spot during one of your travels that made you appreciate the beauty of nature so much more? I’d love to know about that, and if it would happen to be in the US, I’ll put it on my ‘to visit’-list.


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11 thoughts on “Rialto Beach

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    So what state is this beach in? I’m guessing NW? Like Washington (See how smart I am? I looked at your tags!) I think the first place I saw that actually took my breath away was Monument Valley. I took photos on a little point and shoot I had back then and maybe they’re good enough to post. I’ll have to take a look! But getting back to your post, hot surfers are over-rated. At least with me. Give me a beach like this any day! Your photos are great. I especially like the kid!!!

    • juliecrombe says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It indeed is in Washington, on the Olympic peninsula, near Seattle. This beach was perfect, indeed! Have a happy Thursday! xo

    • juliecrombe says:

      Thank you, Yael! I loved your post today too! Especially the first picture! Do you have a new camera? The colors are perfect! Slaiden’s such a happy boy, especially when he’s around the people who love him the most! 😉 xo

      • Feet from Shore says:

        I’m glad you like the photos! I still shoot with the same camera and the same lenses – no money to upgrade them yet haha. I always enjoy seeing Slaiden’s pictures, it’s crazy how fast the little boy is growing! 🙂

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