Thoughts on National Parks & the ultimate feeling of freedom


Before I came down to the US, 10 months ago, I thought that National Parks were a combination of Disneyland and the zoo. I didn’t really know what they really were. I thought it was just one of those touristy things, that people want to see when they are in a certain area. Now that I’ve been to 3 of those parks (Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and Olympic National Park) I have a better idea of what a National Park is. It is a piece of nature where you can walk and drive (yes, drive!) around in for hours. Another thing that I thought before I actually visited one of these parks, was that you would have to park the car at the entrance and then start to walk in order to see what you want to see. The parks actually have roads, which makes it a way different experience. You can park at the start of any trail you’d like to hike on, do your hike, come back for a little picnic in the area and drive to the next interesting spot.

When I hike and I arrive at one of the highest points of a certain place, I love to just stand or sit there and watch the gorgeous view. It makes me appreciate the simple things in life. It makes me realize that the world is such a beautiful place and that it’s a waste of time to just sit at home and not explore. It makes me think about the many places I’ve seen in my life, thanks to both my parents and I. I love how my parents took my sisters and me on a trip every year and showed us some great new places that we hadn’t seen before. What I also really appreciate is that they taught us, ever since we were very young, that it’s so important to work and earn your own money. I’ve been doing weekend jobs and summer jobs ever since I turned 18, which has allowed me to travel by myself to places that I love.

When you’re young and you have the ability to pay for your own travels, it’s the most rewarding feeling. There are many young people of my age who still depend on their parents to pay for whatever they need, and even though our parents could pay for us, I think it’s just not always a right thing to do. When they do that, it’s hard to grow up and to be independent. Just think about it guys. Being able to follow your dreams and not having to thank anyone but yourself for making that happen… Isn’t that the ultimate feeling of freedom?

What did you work/save for when you were young? Let me know in the comments below!



16 thoughts on “Thoughts on National Parks & the ultimate feeling of freedom

  1. andy1076 says:

    When I was younger I was a little too stubborn, I lived life for all it was worth and spent too much money on friends and spending the night out, definitely regretting it now but I am saving for another roadtrip 🙂

    • juliecrombe says:

      I’m the opposite of that, which is not always good though. Since I wanted to save rather than to spend money on going out, I probably missed a lot of amazing moments with friends. But in the end, it was my choice and I’m very happy with those choices I’ve made till now. Where are you going? Staying in the States or going abroad? xo

  2. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I can’t honestly remember saving for anything when I was a kid. Now, I’m saving for a new camera! It’s great that you discovered our national parks system. There are also State parks as well as National parks. Reading your post made me realize how lucky we are that these areas were set aside for us to enjoy!

    • juliecrombe says:

      Nice!! Which camera are you saving for?
      I love the National Parks and have been to a couple of State Parks too! They are a little smaller, but not less amazing! Americans are very lucky. You guys have a little bit of everything! Mountains, snow, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, rain forest, desert…

      • Emilio Pasquale says:

        I began with Canon so probably will stay with them. I now have a Rebel T2i and was looking at the Canon 6D. The price is not bad and the reviews were pretty good. But I still have some reservations. Maybe because “not bad” and “pretty good” are not very exciting selling points. If I were rich though, I’d probably still be unable to make up my mind!

  3. Andrei says:

    Real freedom (financial freedom) is when a person is not dependant on bank loans. In the US most people have mortgages and credits for 20, 25 or evem more years…

    Losing the job (very common issue those days) results in being unable to pay the credits, losing the car, the house or even the family sometimes and being ostracized by other people (including most of the so-called friends).

    As a fact, even Switzerland is the Land of the Banks, most Swiss people have no credits and are very reticent in getting one…

  4. 67steffen says:

    As a kid I saved money for “rare” coins. Yes, I was a coin collector. I sold the coin collection to buy a beat up Chevy when I turned 17.

  5. jesh stg says:

    Am glad you found out what a national park is:) What you also can do (each park is different) is camp, fish, do photography. I paint – this is where I learned about watercolor (Yosemite Nat. park gives free lessons – each week in the summer, another professional artist). I do that almost every year, even if I go abroad, because it’s my addiction, lol!

    • juliecrombe says:

      I didn’t know about that! I’ve been wanting to get into watercolor! Such a fun activity to see the park in a different way! Love photography too, obviously! Thanks for sharing this with me, Jesh! 😉 xo

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