Review: Bulu Box April


The Bulu Box of April was pretty full and the products I found inside were pretty interesting. My favorite of the month was the Swirl Green Tea because it tastes really well, helps you cut calories and increase health benefits and because it’s easy. It makes you enjoy drinking your ‘water’ and you can either infuse it in hot or cold water.

The other products in the box were:

Kay’s Naturals Honey Almond Cereal: This helps you manage your weight and build lean muscle, because each serving has the same amount of protein as 3 eggs. I wasn’t a big fan of the cereal because it was a little too sweet for me.

Ridgecrest Thyroid Thrive: These capsules help you to make your thyroid function better. It protects you against weight-gain, hair loss, fatigue, high cholesterol and so on.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief: This product supports a healthy mood, muscular relaxation, good digestion and helps you fight against those sugar cravings. This was a product I personally really liked, because it helps me fight all the problems I’m having with my body.

Shredz Fat Burner: This product is really interesting. First of all it’s gluten free and it helps you burning fat and getting ripped and lean. They also offer a fat burner of this brand, especially for women, which is definitely worth a try.

WhiteShield: This product is something for coffee drinkers. It helps you prevent staining from your morning coffee.

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Sign up before June 4th and you might discover KickButt Energy Ballz or Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in your June Bulu Box! Get 50% OFF your subscription with my code: BULUGAN876

I hope you guys give this a try. 50% off the price means that you only pay 5 dollars a month, which is basically nothing. If you sign up, let me know how you liked your box!



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