Go Dodgers!


A couple of weeks ago, baseball season started. Baseball is a sport that I didn’t really know, but after Paul and Stacy told me about the nice atmosphere at the live games I was really excited to go to my first game! When the Dodgers scored a point, people went crazy and I loved it. The public also sang songs together and it felt like one big party. We were drinking beer and had one of the famous Dodger Dogs and some garlic fries. They were also filming random people and showing it on a big screen in the stadium, so people were trying to make enough noise and to do the coolest little dance moves to get their one-minute fame on the big screen!

Also, I had seen the hats with the LA sign a lot around here, but I didn’t know that it was the logo of the Dodgers. Since I loved the logo, I’m living in the LA area and I needed a hat (you can never have enough hats!) I decided to buy one! I’ve been wearing it not only to go out for walks but it’s also the perfect hat to work out in! 😉

After a while we went to the little play area for the kids and Slaiden decided to check out what was in the bag of a total stranger. He didn’t only get some pretzels and a drink, but the lady also gave him her son’s Dodger hat that he grew out of. So sweet of her, but oh boy, isn’t it crazy that kids just go to strangers and go through their bag and then just stand there being all cute? Imagine that grown ups would do something like that! 😉

Did you already go to a live baseball game this season? What’s your favorite team? Have you tried the famous Dodger Dog?



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