Feeling Fancy on Rodeo Drive


A couple of weeks ago I had the car for myself for a whole week, which meant that I had the chance to explore some places out of my bubble (Redondo/Manhattan/Hermosa Beach). I went to Beverly Hills to walk around on Rodeo Drive and I loved it. People there are walking around with real and gorgeous Chanel bags, they are driving the coolest cars and they are wearing the most fashionable outfits. People actually wear high heels there, which is pretty different from the work-out clothes fashion situation in the city I live in! 😉

Do you wear heels for fun? What kind of clothes do people in your city wear to go to the supermarket for example?


DSC_2061-2kopie DSC_2050-2kopieDSC_2059-2kopie DSC_2054-2kopie

6 thoughts on “Feeling Fancy on Rodeo Drive

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    You look like a film star tbh. But wow, such a different world from our tractors, cows on our unmade roads, fresh milk from the cow and our 1988 old car 🙂

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