Revive Your Style with Sincerely Jules


I like to participate in contests. I’m not always lucky, but sometimes I am, and sometimes you win something you could have only dreamt of experiencing in your life. A couple of weeks ago I participated on this contest that I read about on the blog of blogger babe Sincerely Jules. The winner of the contest would get styled by her during a fashionable event at the Armani store in Beverly Hills.

You have to know that this girl was the first blogger that I really started following. I found out about her blog about 1.5 year ago and ever since I check it daily. I love Jules’ style and I love how she can make clothes that you would were daily very chic. She always inspires me and she always just happens to combine the right pieces into a gorgeous outfit. Love her!

Two days after I participated I got an email of Lucky Magazine that I was the winner of the contest and I honestly wanted to start yelling and crying because I was so excited about it! I mean, bloggers like her inspired me to come live in LA for a while, and being able to meet my favorite one is just like the icing on the cake. It’s one of those things that you don’t expect to happen, but that make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I met her at the event and she was the sweetest girl! She is so down to earth, asked me questions, helped me pick out a gorgeous outfit and was just like really sweet and fashionable! The event itself was really cool! They had a Photo Booth, cocktails, appetizers and they did my make-up! I was so happy with how great of a job Emily Oliver did on the make-up! It was so pretty! You should definitely check out her blog if you want to read about her!

Anyway, to end this post I want to say that I’m a happy girl with a gorgeous new outfit and I completed one of my New Years resolutions because I met the beautiful Sincerely Jules! That was like the one resolution that I didn’t expect to actually happen, but I’m thankful it did!

Have you guys ever been lucky after participating in a contest? What was the coolest prize you’ve ever won? Do you know Sincerely Jules? Who’s your favorite blogger? (I always like to find new blogs!) Let me know in the comments below!


LUCKY_Armani_0101-3171239211-O LUCKY_Armani_0086-3171231843-O LUCKY_Armani_0085-3171230484-O LUCKY_Armani_0045-3171206477-O LUCKY_Armani_0029-3171193448-O

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