I’m on top of the world


I love seeing the sunset. I love it while sitting down, while standing up. I love it alone or in the company of good friends. I love it at the beach and in Joshua Tree. A sunset is a gift. It can’t make you not dream away and think about how lucky you are to live the life you’re living. 

After a long day of exploring Joshua Tree, we headed out to the spot the people in the park recommended to watch the sunset at. There was not an overload of people at the spot, so that was nice and peaceful. I wish I could go back right in this moment. This national park was such a trip of a lifetime. Loved every single thing I saw in there!

This wasn’t the best sunset ever, but I loved the scenery it took place in.

From my point of view everyone should enjoy the beauty of a sunset, and look forward to the sunrise.


DSC_1979 DSC_1951 DSC_1943DSC_1987DSC_1976DSC_1949DSC_1937

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